Energy Saving Solutions


Save $200 per year:

Do you really need that second fridge running 24hours a day, 364 days a year? If you don’t, by turning it off you can save over $200 a year.

Energex Economy (Off Peak) Tariffs

Economy pool off peak tariff 33, $250 reward:

Save $200 per year on pool pump costs by changing to tariff 33 and Energex will pay $250 towards the cost of a meter change.

Tariff 33 Is available for 18 hours per day(out side 4pm-8pm). For pools, hot water, dishwashers and washing machines.

Super Economy Tariff 31:

8+ hours a day (around 10pm - 7am) for electric storage hot water.


Save $150 per year:

By installing insulation in your roff and sealing gaps around
your doors and windows will save you over $150 per year.


Save $100 per year:

By simply washing your clothes in cold water and drying them on a washing line instead of a clothes dryer can save you over $100 per year.

Power Points

Save $100 per year:

The cost of standby power is quite surprising, by just switching off your T.V, computer and non essential electrical appliances at the power point will reduce your standby power by over $100 per year.


Save $80 per year:

By turning your air-condition thermostat to between 18° and 20°(degrees) you can save up to $80 dollars per year
on running costs.


Save $19 per globe per year:

The silent killer, by just changing your incandescent light globes in your home/office or commercial building to energy efficient light globes (LED), can send you $19 a year per globe.

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