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An inverter is the heart of a solar install, the workhorse of the system, it generally sits on the wall of your house ground floor level and is the sae size as your meter box. So basically the sun’s rays hit the solar panels where the silicone semiconductor materials absorb the lights energy and producing an electric D.C current. It is now the job of the inverter to change the D.C current to A.C and feed free electricity into your property and into your appliances. So with this in mind we recommend you purchase a high quality inverter with a extendable warranty for piece of mind.


The SMA sunny boy inverter, is the world leader in volume and quality, its unmatched reliability, durability and with a 98% efficiency. Designed and manufactured in Germany, this makes it your first choice. 

Power One

Power One Aurora are the second most largest solar inverter sold in the world. Manufactured in Italy and USA, is a very flexible inverter with dual trackers and a wide voltage range.


Delta is a German designed inverter and comes with a massive 10 year warranty. With a peak efficiency of 98% and a wide voltage range makes it an excellent choice

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